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About Us

A true technology company is one with innovation and creativity at it’s heart. But to be able to build great business systems, it is essential to be tuned accurately with the commercial side of every tech-enabled creation. And both these sides come together like a well-designed code or algorithm to make the vision of a client come true.

Our extensive experience, domain expertise, innovative approach, mature processes, a team of committed professionals, and our strong project management abilitiesensure that we are constantly contributing to your ROI.

Cahoot Technologies’ highly competent team is driven by the desire to excel and is committed to providing high-quality services to clients at all times. We are available 24X7, should you need to discuss anything with us. Our clients love the fact that we are so accessible and sensitive to their business requirements.

More than a decade of untiring teamwork, flexibility-on-demand, unmatched subject matter expertise and the determination to thrive, not just survive. We have built an IT ninja on the way which is intelligent, focused, committed, reputed, disciplined, precise and known for seeing each project to its perfect completion.

It’s what every tech company aspires to be. Some believe they are, when they aren’t. Some don’t believe in anything.



To create a winning ecosystem for businesses leveraging on Technology Solutions and process excellence.



To forge valued, trusted and strategic long term relationships with our clients and be able to positively impact revenues and business growth through technical brilliance, fair business practices, and professional integrity.

  • Promoters of Cahoot Technologies have 15+ years of industry experience in delivering value-added technology-enabled services.
  • Financially stable company, backed totally by internally generated funds.
  • Track record of exceeding customer expectations on all counts; sizeable part of our businesscomes from repeat customers.
  • Ability to deliver 24*7 services to clients across the globe.
  • Optimized costs for clients by high operational efficiencies and fast-paced delivery.
  • Well-defined processes in place to maintain confidentiality of client data.
  • Follow rigorous testing and review processes.
  • Our customers are the reason for our being here.
  • We aim to achieve success without compromising on our ethics.
  • Quality shall be the driving force for all our processes and services.
  • Ability to deliver 24*7 services to clients across the globe.
  • We shall uphold at all times the dignity of every individual.
  • We shall at all times encourage freedom of expression and the right to dissent.
  • We shall be uncompromising in our expectation of high performance and total commitment to work.
  • We shall foster an atmosphere of trust and respect among ourselves and with our clients.

In order to consistently deliver high quality technology-enabled business solutions to clients, Cahoot Technologies is armed with a comprehensive quality management system which is a perfect combination of tools, teams and processes. We have well documented processes and procedures in place for all our operating divisions which ensure our strict adherence to quality throughout the project cycle, from its inception to conclusion.

  • Understanding and Gathering of customer requirements
  • Working on best suitable technology before development
  • Proper Documentation of the customer requirements
  • Development of Services / Product
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Delivery of Services / Products
  • Feedback from Customer to Assess Satisfaction Level
  • Action on feedback to improve company's performance
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