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Cooling Systems
Our state of art Data Center Infrastructure provide solutions that work adds exceptional value to your business

We are one of the leading service providers of a broad collection of Data Center cooling infrastructure which include Precision Air Conditioning that is accurately designed with extreme care in compliance with the industrial quality norms – TIER standards. Data Center cooling systems are manufactured using high quality raw material which is procured from certified and leading manufacturer. Our design experts adopt scientific and proven calculation method, latest technology and techniques for the designing of this Precision Air Conditioning to ensure their flawlessness in Data Center cooling solutions.

Offerings in Data Center Cooling

In room-oriented architecture the cooling devices are deployed to address the room temperature and work together to combat high total heat load in the room. Typical room architecture includes multiple air conditioning units with either direct uninhibited access to vents and grilles or partially covered by raised flooring or overhead plenum configurations.

Room cooling is appropriate for low density datacenter but Latest generation high density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that room cooling was never intended to address, resulting in cooling systems that are inefficient and unpredictable. Row-oriented and rack-oriented cooling architectures have been developed to address these problems.In a row-oriented architecture the cooling units are associated directly with rows of IT devices and are usually designed into the infrastructure from inception. Greater predictability, more accurate and shorter airflow paths plus higher overall densities are the primary advantage of row over room architecture. Raw Oriented cooling can be considered in mentioned scenarios:

- Rack based, Raw Based & Room Based Cooling
- Determine the Critical Load and Heat Load
- Determine the Cooling Methodology & Cooling Delivery Methodology
- Cooling Redundancy (2N, N+1 etc) – choose right solution which suits requirement for specific data center.
- One Row of Rack run high density Application (Blade Server).
- Another Row satisfies lower power density application.
- N+1 and 2N targeted at specific rows.
- Implemented Without Raised Floor.
- Simple and Predefined Layout Architectures.
- Predictable Performance.
- Immune to the effects of room geometry or room constraints.
- Efficient cooling is key, our solutions offer highest cooling efficiency by adopting containment – Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle.

Most IT equipment breathes front to rear. Hot aisle/cold aisle aligns the cabinets in rows around this concept, with the server exhausts of each row facing one another, becoming the hot aisle. Hot Aisle Containment immediately captures server exhaust air and restricts its entry to the rest of the data center. The exhaust air’s destination depends on the containment configuration.

Cold Aisle Containment augments its predecessor’s (hot aisle/cold aisle) arrangement by enclosing the cold aisle. The aisle then becomes a room unto itself, sealed with barriers made of metal, plastic, or Plexiglas.

Rack-oriented architectures the cooling device is designed into the rack itself and directs even shorter airflow in exactly defined paths that are immune to changes in room climate and physical constraints. The highest power density and maximum capacity for the cooling device is achieved in this configuration.

- Entire rated capacity can be utilize.
- Highest Power density achieved.
- Reduction in air flow path length reduces required CRAC Fan Power.
- Keep your business network secure 24×7, 365 days a year through our monitoring and threat response systems/services.
- On call support anytime, anywhere.
- Quick implementation through our end to end security appliances and services packs.
- Manage a network with fewer resources while offering more security and a comprehensive security barrier which can be implemented easily and can be managed via fully integrated routing, security and switching service in a single device.
-Reduce the risk of exposing your valuable data from cyber criminals with built in unified threat management (UTM) technology.
- Prevent unauthorized access to your network with firewalls that can isolate servers, databases, desktops, wireless networks and guests.

Cahoot Technologies can help you to provide state of art Data Centre Infrastructure, our industry aligned technology architects provide solutions that work and adds exceptional value. We understand business intricacy; we know our technology and we know how to bring this knowledge and understanding together to provide end-to end Datacenter Infrastructure solution and integrating it to work seamlessly.

Cahoot Technologies is trusted and competent system integrator for data center consulting and turnkey solutions in this space. Our broad offering & project experience, specializing in designing data centers, server room and technical spaces that integrate, best-of-breed, critical infrastructure technologies and result in continuously available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable and maintainable mission critical environments.

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