Security and Surveillance

Security and Surveillance

security and surveillance
Security and Surveillance
Security and Surveillance
Our Network Security solution include: Stateful Firewalls, Unified Threat Management(UTM) services, IPS and user authentication & policy engines.
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Organizations of all kinds face an array of security threats – and must react quickly with limited IT resources. New threats are evolving everyday and at the same time there is a massive increase in the demand for more open access to the data resources and applications. This arises a necessity to build a smart, multi technology security cover around the network perimeter of the organization to secure the data from existing threats as well as from zero-day attacks by improving their network security.

An effective security strategy protects not only organizational information, but customer trust. Lost data, breaches, and other disruptions can decrease productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Beyond that, many businesses must support and protect mobile assets, address compliance, and maintain secure operations as they migrate to the cloud.

Solution Offering

Cahoot Technologies Network Security solution is tailored to meet your specific needs. Depending on your industry, you will have different requirements for security that are driven by legislation, a unique customer base, and your production and transaction environment.

Security monitoring solutions to manage and continuously monitor security state of the organization like NMS, logging and event correlation solutions.

Vulnerability assessment – Plugging security holes of your network by analysing and examining your network from an intruder’s perspective.

SSL VPN solutions for providing users with secured remote access over internet to organizations applications hosted at main site.

IPSEC VPN Solutions for secured site to site connectivity over internet.

Keep your business network secure 24×7, 365 days a year through our monitoring and threat response systems/services. On call support anytime, anywhere.

Quick implementation through our end to end security appliances and services packs.

Manage a network with fewer resources while offering more security and a comprehensive security barrier which can be implemented easily and can be managed via fully integrated routing, security and switching service in a single device.

Reduce the risk of exposing your valuable data from cyber criminals with built in unified threat management (UTM) technology.

Prevent unauthorized access to your network with firewalls that can isolate servers, databases, desktops, wireless networks and guests.

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