We offer a complete portfolio of storage systems like Storage Area Network(SAN), Network Area Storage(NAS)

Storing information and managing its storage is critical to an organization’s success. It has never been more critical to tie the ever-increasing volume of business data together. Whether it is a small, midsize or large organization operating in the public or private sector storage is critical. There are three states in Storage system, namely Calculate, Transmission and Stored. Stored state is as important as its result state. In fact, storage systems are widely used in all the data centres across all industry fields.

Cahoot Technologies can design, deliver and support you with storage solutions that will address your needs around information compliance, availability, retention and security and deliver maximum value for your investment.

We offer a complete portfolio of storage systems like Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Area storage (NAS), Unified Storage System, Tape and Cloud based storage which gives you best-in-class availability and performance to meet the needs of your business applications.

Solution Offerings

Cahoot Technologies, as a Storage System Provider, provides Storage solutions through highly resilient, hardware data storage solutions which include the required speed, performance, flexibility, scalability & security for today’s entry to enterprise storage solutions. Storage solutions will help organizations stock, protect, optimize & leverage their existing & ever-growing information.

Cahoot Technologies offers a range of best-in-class proven storage solutions that meet a variety of your most critical business data management needs.

Cahoot Technologies professionals can assist you in determining what solutions will be in sync with your objectives. We provide networked storage topologies which can bring increased levels of performance, flexibility, simplification, resource utilization, data availability, and disaster recovery capabilities to your organization.

In addition to these we help you strategize for data availability, speed of access and secure sharing of data inside and outside your enterprise. Our solution allows you to meet growing demands for capacity, storage performance and align your storage management with your business strategies.

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