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Collaboration is our business mantra. Partner with us on our exciting journey and see the doors open to a world of new opportunities and accelerated business growth.
Why Partner with e2eHR
When you choose to partner with e2e HR, you choose to bank on the expertise and experience that only an industry leader can offer. Our robust HR management software solutions are a testimony of our strength.
A stronger business establishment with successful partnership.
The investment? Next to nothing. All you need to put in is your time and energy into growing your business.
The rewards? Excellent incentives at zero capital investment.
Turn Over Discount Benefits.
Online Partner Information.
Ability to deliver 24*7 state of the art services.
Customized and simplified solutions.
You can count on our support
The e2e experts don't just give your sales team the initial onboarding, but are there to hand hold them and provide regular refresher training.
We provide you exhaustive resources by way of training material, client presentations, demos, etc. that you need not just to close the deals but keep yourselves up to speed on the processes.
Sales Support:
At any point during the consultancy or sales process, should you need our experts to fill in, you can count on their presence either over call or in person.
Partner Types
Responsibility Referral Partner Associate Partner Channel Partner
Client Identification Yes Yes Yes
Lead Generation No, by Team e2eHR Yes Yes
Lead Follow-up & Communication No, by Team e2eHR Yes Yes
Software Demo, Requirement Gathering No, by Team e2eHR Yes Yes
Software Finalization & Order Generation No, by Team e2eHR Yes Yes
Software Installation No, by Team e2eHR No, by Team e2eHR Yes
Implementation, Training & Technical Support No, by Team e2eHR No, by Team e2eHR Yes
Territory Rights No No Yes
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