Management System

Smart Docu Search

Imagine all your companies documents
in front of you. Big stack? Nope.
Just our super smooth, super simple interface which makes your life simple.

Intelligent Organise

Now don’t just color code your documents
in terms of importance. Attach smart tags that help you organise everything intelligently using multiple fields to tag!

Data has a funny way of disappearing when you need it the most. The DMS Strikers is an efficient document management system that helps you organize your documents better. In other words it manages your documents for you. Armed with a sophisticated database, the DMS Strikers facilitates to upload and download your documents, categorizes your documents the way you decide, searches through and even retrieves your documents……..whew!

Your secretary couldn't do it better for you. And the DMS Strikers is really smart. It even conducts predefined keyword searches for you.

Manage your documents better. Order your DMS Strikers today!

Best Secretary Ever

If you’ve chosen CAHOOT DMS, you’ve got the best secretary ever. Literally. Eliminate the delays and errors attached to manual document organising and searching. Just enter tags, click a button and voila! You can have information on your fingertips at all times.

Total Data Security

Data in any industry or business is key to the success of any team. And with constant security

threats, it is essential to use applications that can guarantee the safety of your precious data.

With CAHOOT, we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of data security.

We’re the data scientists.
Who would know better than us?

With CAHOOT DMS, you’re confident of never missing and never misplacing any of your company’s documents. Everything organized intelligently is the way to a bright future. Its also the path to greener tomorrow with digitzed document storage! Reduce your carbon footprint and be proud of your contribution to keep the planet a better place.

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