Management System

Smart Property Tracking

Create custom tracking mechanisms
for all your properties. Manage maintenance schedules,
utility schedules, personnel tracking.

Client Management

Follow sales leads, rental agreements,
renewals, client meetings
and projections all
in one place!

So you thought managing the affairs of the property was a tedious task? Well it certainly is. And many properties, more the problems. Maintaining the status details of different properties, booking history, client information, history of payments made, broker management, tracking movement of property transfers, properties on rent properties for rent, sell and purchase of properties and follow-up for individual case to case …well the list is endless.

And invariably any lapse could cause not just a lot of chaos and inconvenience to manage of the properties but also at times ill feelings among clients. WebStrikers' Property Management System – Property + is our solution to your problems. Property + is your friendly property manager which literally manages all the affairs of the property depending on the tasks assigned to it. One of the most important areas this IT product operates in is security management.

By keeping track of all the movements, it ensures that your property management is not compromised with.

Intelligent Facility Management

Use CAHOOT Property+ to reinvent the way you manage your properties.
You can manage all aspects of Facility Management from sales to
housekeeping and maintenance for all properties in a single place.
No more missing deadlines and losing precious business.
Because real estate is a dynamic and proud industry!

Total Data Security

Data in any industry or business is key to the success of any team. And with constant security

threats, it is essential to use applications that can guarantee the safety of your precious data.

With CAHOOT, we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of data security.

We’re the data scientists.
Who would know better than us?

With CAHOOT Property+, you’re confident of always making a difference to each of your properties. You can deliver more value to end customers like never before and diligently add more to your portfolio. Who doesn’t want to be called a Real Estate Mogul?

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