AV & PA Systems

AV & PA Systems

AV & PA Systems
AV & PA Systems
Cahoot Technologies Seamlessly integrate audio, video, display and Audio Visual System controls

Cahoot Technologies Audio Video Solutions (Products & Services) seamlessly integrate audio, video, display and Audio Visual system controls for applications such as boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, training rooms, home automation, telepresence rooms, Information Display Systems with Video Wall Display Systems.

Our AV Solutions:
Audio Conferencing Solution
Video Conferencing Solution
Board Room Solutions
PA system

Cahoot Technologies offers high-quality PA Systems (public-address systems) that are widely used for making announcements using multiple speakers in the conference room, movements at large and noisy air and rail terminals, Plants, Shop Floors etc. These are also known as electronic amplification system and comprise of loudspeakers, mixers and amplifiers that include P.A. Systems as well

We are a highly reputed name in the global market, especially when it comes to offering best quality Public Address Systems. Our Portable PA Systems are perfect for conveying the desired messages efficiently & effectively. Our strong network connections with our vendor partners, make us capable of offering tailor made systems for our esteemed clientele.

We believe in quality and our offerings include Public Address system installation, Public Address system design and P.A. systems of the highest quality. They are aimed at giving a crystal-clear sound using high quality amplification and less frequency disturbance.

Type of Material used in PA Systems.
Power Amplifier
Sound Mixers
Call Stations Keypad

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