Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

The asset lifecycle management system is useful for every organization interested to manage and to track assets.

Every registered asset is being traced through Barcode from purchase to disposal.

Asset lifecycle management system also helps organization to manage service / support calls for the registered assets.

The robust technology and easy interface helps organization to have a complete control of the various assets.

Asset Lifecycle Management Benefits

  • Saves time, efforts and money on auditing tasks
  • Wasted, unutilized assets can be redeployed for the use or sold
  • Allows asset tracking and movement
  • Asset replacement and service call planning made easy
  • Accurate information of the warranties and in charge
  • Increased asset and equipment visibility (Increased Productivity)
  • Workflow management - Better staff and asset utilization

Key Features


Vendor Registration

Company Name

Contact Person Name

Company Registration Number

Email ID

Mobile Number

Company Address

Postal Address

Landline Number

Website URL


Vendor Approval Process

Vendor Request

Vendor Information

Vendor Documents

Vendor Request Status


Employee Creation

Create User / Employee (Option to Integrate
    with HR Application)

Manage Roles & Rights


Organization Hierarchy

Organization Information

Create Departments

Create Location

Manage In charges for Departments / Locations


Assets Generation

Asset Type

Asset Code

Vendor / Supplier Management



Manufacturer Details

Asset Category & Sub – Category

Serial Number


Assets with Barcoding

Barcode Generation

Barcode Printing


Assets Audit

Declare Asset Audit

Scan Asset Barcode

Asset Information

Asset Scan Status & History

Relocate / Transfer Asset

Using Mobile Application


Gate Pass Management

Work Order Reference

Gate Pass Number

Gate Pass Date

Vendor Information

Gate Pass Issue & History

Asset GRN Against Gate Pass

Gate Pass Closure


Assets Maintenance

Support Ticket


Work Order Generation

Service Note Preparation

E-Signature of the User

Work Order Completion

Work Order Approval / Reopen


Important Reports

Asset Summary

Work Order Summary

Gate Pass Summary

Asset Up time & Down time

E-Signature of the User

Service Summary Report

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