Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System introduced into the market is a significant member of the by Cahoot Technologies’ product suite. Cahoot Technologies is a company operating in the IT product space and has implemented multiple IT enabled services and products across the country and even in the international market.

As IOT, AI, Automation etc. are fast becoming the new operating buzz words in the Industry 4.0 world; Cahoot Technologies has leveraged the power of digitalization to transform the way businesses operate. So whether it is your Finance operations, Business operations or even your procurement process Cahoot has harnessed the power of technology to bring out configurable solutions and products which not just streamline your operations but also make them cost effective and agile.

A Hospital Management System (HMS) and platform that encompasses the many facets of Hospital operations ranging from Appointments, Patient Management, Investigations, Drug Management and Indoor Patient to Operation Theater Management, Hospital Management System is set to revolutionize the way the critical hospital function operates. Our Hospital Management System has created its own niche among the array of HMS software available in the market with its many value-added features promising to give customers an unmatched experience.

Key Features



All Module Masters Creation

Organization Creation

Doctor / Consultant Creation

User Creation

Roles & Rights Management


Appointment Management

Appointment Master

Online Appointment

Offline Appointment

Appointment Schedule

Appointment List


Patient / OPD Management

Patient Summary

Prescription & Investigation

Complaint & History

Examinations & Diagnosis

Case Highlights

Reference Letter & Medical Certificate


Clinical Investigation

Test Setup

Test Parameters

Investigation Request

Direct Investigation

Lab Result

MIS Report


Pharmacy Management

Prescription Summary

Drug Issue

Stock Requisition

Stock Inward

Stock Register

Stock Adjustment

Expiry Date Stock Summary


IPD Management

Ward Management

Patient Admission

Day / Night History

Investigation / Prescription

Discharge Summary

Item Requisition

Stock Inward


Stores Inventory

Item Master

Equipment Master

Requisition Summary

Goods Receipt Note

Stock Adjustment

Stock Summary


Operation Theatre

OT Master

OT Management

Operation Detail Master

Instrument Set Master

Surgical Procedure Master

Operation Summary



Consultant Summary

Test Price Entry

Bed Charges Entry

Indoor-Outdoor Billing

Payment Receipts


Occupational Health

OHC Plan

OHC Request

OHC Response

OHC Appointment

OHC Forms / Analysis


Waste Management

Waste Location Master

Waste Master

Waste Collection Summary


House Keeping Management

Cloth Master

Cleaning Summary

Rate Contract Master

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